Our Story

How We Met

Benny's side:

The year is 2006. Laura and I are both attending Columbia University – blissfully unaware of each others' existence in the world. As you do in college, we met through hanging out with mutual friends.

My first impression of Laura was that she was way cooler than I was. Totally out of my league. For example, at the time, I thought myself a sneakerhead. Trying to impress Laura with my "kicks", I started talking to her about sneakers and quickly realized that she could easily talk me under the table about it.

We started regularly chatting online on AIM – staying up into the wee hours studying for exams. I never got any studying done because I had never been so taken talking to another person. The conversations flowed so naturally we easily talked until sunrise.

Unfortunately, the natural comfort I had talking to Laura online didn't translate to real life. When we'd hang out, I would get so nervous I'd stumble over words. Once, Laura sat next to me at a dinner with friends. She said hello, asked me how I was, and after a full five seconds of silence, all I could muster up was an unimpressive "......uh........great." That was basically the end of our conversation.

Somehow, some way, I eventually strung together enough words to ask her out on a date. And the rest is history!

Laura's side:

If you ask how Benny and I met, we'll generally say "college." But that's not the entire truth!

In the spring of 2006, I was a high school senior, newly accepted into Columbia University. At the time, Sharon was finishing up her junior year and invited me to stay on campus for a few days. I ate at the neighborhood eateries, explored the campus, and met other prospective freshmen. Each morning, I picked up a copy of the school's newspaper, The Spectator, to read over a cup of coffee and a bagel at Nussbaum.

One day, the Spectator printed a special, glossy, end-of-year booklet featuring the work of student photographers. I flipped through, generally impressed, but came to a full stop when I saw the photo on the back cover. It was a silhouette photo of a few youths, reveling in the final moments of the sun on the beach. I ended up taking that booklet home to save as a memento.

Fast forward four or five years later, and Benny is helping me clean out my monumental stash of college notes and dorm leftovers. I stumble on the same booklet, grin at the memory, and start flipping through it. Then, what do I see?!? But a familiar byline for the photo on the back cover. The photo I had instantly fell in love with was shot by none other than the man I fell in love with, Mr. Benny Wong.

So even before I actually met Benny, I was already gravitating towards him. Saccharine and cheesy, I know!

Our Engagement

One chilly day in December, Benny proposed to Laura at Belvedere Castle in Central Park (the site of our first date in college)! Read our story and see photos from the surprise engagement here.