Wedding Party

A huge thank you to our loving parents!

Parents of the Bride
Christine and Henry

Married for 32 years, this October!

Parents of the Groom
Shu and Jimmy

Married for 37 years!

Meet the Bridesmaids 


Sharon is the sister of the bride and maid of honor. She works as a management consultant at PwC and also serves on the board of directors for non-profit, Global Language Project. In her free time, Sharon loves to cook, bike, and dance. Catch her on the dance floor and she'll show you a few moves!

Fun fact: Sharon, Laura, and Benny all attended Columbia University. In fact, Sharon and Benny are both '07 alum!



Michelle (seen here with our family pup, Buddy) is the bride's younger sister. She is currently a rising senior at St. John's University and plans to pursue a Master's Degree in Accounting. 

Fun fact: Michelle is incredibly crafty, and even makes her own Halloween, cosplay, and pet costumes. As you can imagine, it's been incredibly helpful to have her in the wedding party! 



Angela is currently an Account Supervisor at Doremus. She met Laura on the first day of 3rd grade and they have been BFFs ever since! Angela lived in Boston for 4 years during college but is happy to be a permanent resident in New York again. 

Fun fact: Like a stereotypical New Yorker, Angela doesn't know how to drive a car. In fact, that learner's permit might be expiring soon... 


portrait 1.png

Cathy is an ex-banker, seamstress, and most recently, aspiring iOS developer. She and Laura met on the first day of summer school at Bronx Science, when Cathy spotted another girl wearing the same pure-white Jansport book bag. Twelve years later, the two continue to match accessories, both accidentally and intentionally. 

Fun fact: Cathy hosted Laura's web domain back in the day. High five.  



Helen was born and raised in Queens. She and Laura have known each other since the first grade, reconnecting seven years later on the first day of high school. Helen studied Neuroscience at Bowdoin College and is now starting her second year of medical school at Hofstra University. 

Fun fact: Helen served as a Community Health Educator with the Peace Corps and lived in Cambodia for over two years. She is now fluent in Khymer. 



Kelly and Laura met on a yellow school bus, at an age when they were way too old to ride the cheese bus to high school. Kelly loves globe-trotting and most recently finished a yearlong stint in London. During her most favorite adventure, she traveled to Amsterdam with Laura and Winnie where the Dutch equivalent of a TSA airport agent confiscated multiple jars of cookie butter that they tried to smuggle back to London. They are still lamenting the waste of so much hazelnut. 

Fun fact: Ask Kelly why she didn't wear her hot dog suit. 



Winnie is Laura's Bayside homegirl from elementary, middle, and high school. After a few years of corporate life at Deloitte, she now works at the startup General Assembly. Laura and Winnie have been friends for over 17 years, surviving many growing pains together including the period when we thought orange hair and silver bubble jackets made us look fabulous.

Fun Fact: Photographic evidence our worlds were meant to collide.

Meet the Groomsmen


Alan is the brother of the groom and best man. He currently lives in New Jersey with his wife Kristen and their cat, Emily. Growing up, Alan was the source and inspiration of many of Benny's hobbies: snowboarding, photography, biking, among many others! Alan is a jack-of-all-trades, and is the Wong family's go-to for random, Encyclopedic knowledge.   

Fun fact: Alan can grow a full beard. He found those two cats hiding in that beard.




Andrew was born in Louisiana, raised in New Jersey, and currently lives in the East Village. He and Benny have known each other since junior year of college, and were suitemates during their senior year. Post-college, Andrew moved abroad to study Chinese in Beijing. Andrew loves baseball and is probably the biggest Mets fan you will ever meet. 

Fun fact: Ask him about his favorite karaoke song. 



Dan and Benny met on the internet. Both were aspiring photographers when they found each others' blogs. They soon realized they were classmates at Columbia with shared interests in photography, web design, and breakdancing (yes, breakdancing). Today, Dan works in finance and lives in New York City with his wife Susan. 

Fun fact: Dan was Benny's first business partner, building websites for everyone from up and coming filmmakers to wedding dressmakers! 



George is currently Director of Development at Sailthru, an email marketing company in NYC. George and Benny shared many classes at Columbia as they both majored in Computer Engineering and Computer Science, respectively. Since they were both slackers, they often had to pull all nighters together to get assignments done.

Fun fact: He has many nicknames, Tiger, gpoo, but the best may be Geodo. Ask him about it.




Jon G. sat two feet behind Benny back when they were coworkers at Morgan Stanley. As such, he might actually challenge Laura in the "Most Meals had with Benny" competition. Today, Jon works at Google and has recently moved back to Hoboken from Boston with his wife Emma and daughter Eleanor. 

Fun fact: Jon's mom is cooler than you. Fact. 




Jon W. was Benny's randomly-assigned college roommate. Who knew Columbia would be such a great matchmaker? After college, they went on to build an app called is an avid runner and completed the New York City Marathon in 2013. Go Jon!




Ryan and Benny met in college and share birthdays that are one day apart. He recently graduated from UPenn with a PhD in Neuroscience, and now lives in Brooklyn. Ryan, Benny and Dan can often be found on Mondays watching episodes of 24 and eating unhealthy food – a tradition called "Bauer Hour" that began during their college days. 

Fun fact: Ryan has an IMDB-like knowledge about all things cinema.